Accessories Report

Spring break is over and we are all just counting down the days until summer, and at this point in the semester the weeks have started to drag. Unlike in the winter when the atmosphere of the campus is typically dull and dreary, it is now spring! The sky is cloudless and no one is slipping on ice anymore. Spring is definitely in the air and spring fashion has officially made it to Muncie. Spring fashion is all about the color. You will probably see a lot of pastels as well as florals on both guys and girls. But as the fashion seasons change from style to style, you can never go wrong with a pop of color! By keeping the color scheme of your outfit pretty simple and adding a colored accessory that totally stands out, you can definitely pull off this look.

This week’s Fashionisto adds a bit of color to his outfit with red velvet colored suede shoes. When I saw these shoes I thought they were pretty neat. The majority of college guys that I have noticed around campus tend to wear Sperry Top-Siders or basketball sneakers. Keeping his color palette pretty simple with a basic dark colored T-shirt, a denim button-down and a leather jacket gives the ensemble a bit of edge. Adding a pop of color is always an interesting way to give your outfit some flair and this “pop” is usually an accessory such as a hat, or in this case, a pair of rad shoes!

I was able to find a pair similar to the ones that this Fashionisto is wearing at Macy’s. This outfit can so easily transition from day to night with little or no changes needed. Wear it to class for the day and remove the beanie and you are set to go out with friends at night. The red velvet color of his shoes was so interesting that it really drew me to the the rest of his outfit. Plus the color reminded me of red velvet cupcakes, which I was dreaming about for the rest of the day. Normally you will see Fashionistas wearing the color pop trend but it is typically with a scarf or purse. Don’t get me wrong, those are perfect accessories to add, but everyone loves a great pair of shoes to bring an outfit together.

Spotted: Prada used suede shoes in their ’05 fall menswear show. Although the runway show that I found was a tad dated, suede is definitely a popular fabric to use on a variety of accessories on the runway.


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