ACCESSORIES REPORT: A Simplistic Fashion Vision

Accessories Report

In this 99 degree heat, it really is a challenge to dress stylishly without boiling yourself— sweat marks are always a huge concern! On days like today where you wish you could lie by the pool for hours and tan but are forced to hike across campus to your math lecture, simplicity is key. This Fashionista uses this knowledge to her advantage, and concentrates on her accessories. This is something that makes my life writing the ACCESSORIES REPORT a ton easier!

To begin, this Fashionista’s glasses frame her face perfectly. Chunky rimmed glasses used to be a big no-no back when I was in middle school, but now the so-called ‘nerd’ glasses give people a strong and beautiful profile. You can even buy imitation glasses that are for the sole purpose of being a fashion statement rather than aiding vision. This Fashionista pulls off Ray-Ban glasses like a pro, and you can buy them in all different colors as well if you’re feeling extra sassy and are bored of black.

Backtracking on my initial reason for spotting this Fashionista, I was drawn to her because of how simplistic her outfit was. Her black canvas and leather backpack made me envious, and I love how the materials mix together so well! Furthermore, the gold zipper accents on the bag are echoed in her sandals, and I really like how her sandals have an almost mechanical look to them due to the metal spring-styled gold straps.

I think it is the details that really matter in an outfit, and that separate the truly fashionable dressers from the rest. This Fashionista keeps her color scheme to a minimum, with the deep brown of the sandals being repeated in her beaded bracelet, and her backpack and glasses picking up the monochromatic tendencies of her patterned shorts. There you have it Fashionistas/os, the best way to beat the heat but still be the most stylish on campus: accessorize!

Spotted: Isabel Marant shows of the beauty of a simple yet classy monochromatic look in her spring 2014 ready-to-wear line!


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