Accessories Report

I think there is a guilty pleasure we can all confess to, which is loving to people watch. As a fashion lover, my favorite part about watching other people is observing what they are wearing. I have found there is no better way to see what is trending on campus. An item I have taken note of this spring has been a cute pair of tennis shoes. We have covered the look of a high top pair of sneakers, but this shorter style is much more demure.

As practical as they are playful, a pair of low top sneakers are the perfect accessory to include into your wardrobe. I can assure you they will make your walk to class much more comfortable than any pair of flip flops could. This accessory is something that you can wear year round too–meaning you will get the most use for your money.

This Fashionista incorporated them into her outfit by pairing them with a pair of jean shorts and a sweater for an equally cute and laid back look. This outfit is nothing new though, because ladies have been wearing their cut-offs with their sneakers for decades. If you want to make a nod to the past, go for an all white pair like these. A pair that has a fun pattern, like these polka dot ones, make your look more modern and of the moment. Don’t be afraid to also pair with them with a sundress or a romper.

Spotted: Christian Dior took things up a notch by adding jewels to low top sneakers.


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