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It’s officially summer and temperatures are only going to rise. I always love seeing the different ways that people in my city try to stay cool yet fashionable in the unrelenting heat.  The sun can be especially harsh on people’s faces, which is why I wear sunscreen every day. I am not about premature aging! Another way to shield your lovely face from the sun’s rays is to wear a hat. I’ve never been much of a hat person, but I’m definitely starting to rethink that. I admire Fashionistas who are daring enough to wear them and pull them off.

This Fashionista looks simply adorable in her pink straw hat. I also love how she kept her whole look monochromatic. Sometimes this can read as too matchy-matchy but I think it works in this case because she broke up the color with a denim vest. And who doesn’t love pink?

Luckily, there are many different kinds of hats just in case this type didn’t tickle your fancy. The one this Fashionista is wearing is a basic straw hat that provides optimal coverage for your face. This one from Urban Outfitters comes in a nice neutral color and is perfect for outdoor events or for spending your day at the beach.

If you feel like this type of hat is too big, try a trendy five-panel hat. This one, also from Urban Outfitters comes in fun prints that will spice up your outfit.  It’s also more casual so you can pair it with a lot of different looks.

Spotted: Check out Philosophy’s resort 2014 collection where they paired every outfit with a sophisticated wide-brimmed hat.




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