ACCESORIES REPORT: Wrapped for Winter

Accessories Report

As the cold weather continues I find myself caring only about my warmth and much less about my appearance. So before allowing ourselves to fall victim to the discouraging weather, let us look to the latest trends for some inspiration. Headwear and shoe trends are few areas able to avoid the overbearing winter coat.

Headwraps, beanies and stylish hats are all options to spruce up the top of your cold weather ensemble. While boots, detailed stockings and knee socks are some options for the room your coat leaves below. This Fashionista utilized a pair of a knee socks and a deep purple head-piece to complete her look. She demonstrates a bohemian style made up of purple shades, flowy layers and a detailed headpiece.

Shoes dominate all trends in the winter months. As soon as the air turns crisp everyone seems to be head over heels for a high knee boot. This season, you’ll find knee socks are on almost every model in almost every winter window display. High socks give you the opportunity to switch colors, switch boots or just plain switch your bottom leg styles according to your mood. A must have winter accessory; knee socks give you the knee high look but more options then your everyday knee boot.

Cold weather wear is when accessories are most needed but also a time we find they are most abandoned. Don’t let winter chills keep you from expressing yourself. Intertwine some statement accessories to keep your style apparent this season, while also bringing some color to those gray days.

: Miu Miu utilized winter white knee socks in their pre-fall 2010 collection.


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