ACCESORIES REPORT: Not So Hippie Headbands

Accessories Report

“Hippie Bands,” as they’re most commonly known, came back into style a few years ago. These bold accessories were often only worn by the most confident Fashionistas. Headpiece accessories demand an extra amount of attention. You’re basically wearing Fashionista across your forehead, literally.

But behold, the simple hippie band has now transformed into something more, much more. It’s no longer a simple string drawn across your forehead. Headpieces consisting of a thicker fabric transform the trend from a hippie look to something, might I say, more “gypsy-esque” or “bold boho.” Tied together with a knot, this simple accessory has a lot of character and can give any outfit a taste of that.

Headscarves can be the simple stylistic accessory to accentuate a plain ensemble. No need to throw layer upon layer. Headscarves are a perfect one step piece to spice up an outfit and can become the staple of your look. Take this Fashionista, for example — this trend paired with her harem pants and peaceful necklace give her a humble look that’s all her own. The neutral colors from her boots to her black V-neck act as a clean yet stylish frame for her accessories. The jean vest she wears seems to be a style we all can’t get enough of this season. Her vest adds an extra pop of style. Regardless, her colorful, knotted headscarf remains the centerfold and makes her look ever so trendy.

So step out with a loud headband and show the world you’re a Fashionista. Don’t go plain and resort to a simple outfit; flavor things up by drawing attention to your pretty face.

Spotted: On the Temperley London spring 2013, runway models show off headscarves and sunglasses, demanding attention to their faces.


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