ACCESORIES REPORT: A Peeking Pocket Watch

Accessories Report

Spotting a pop of color on a rainy day is like getting a box of Girl Scout cookies from your mom (hands down the best thing ever). In college, if fellow students aren’t already drenched in natural tones, most will resort to sweatpants on a rainy day. Yet a little rain only seemed to inspire this Fashionisto more. Clean-cut and perfectly put together, I could write pages on this pristine Fashionisto’s trendy ensemble. However, what really caught my attention was his purple scarf and detailed accessories.

Here he stands, pristine and chic looking, as perfect as a figurine. His elegant ensemble is something directly inspired from almost a century ago. His vest, woven jacket and natural colors give him a clean palette. But as always, accessories tell the direction of the entire outfit. With the addition of his shoes, intricate scarf and fabulous pocket watch, he gives a vintage appeal. Personally, my favorite kind of shopping is spending all day in a vintage jewelry store. I often come across beautiful things for men like pocket watches and cuff links but I’ve never them in action before. This Fashionisto sports a vintage trend with a pocket watch accessory better than I ever could have imagined.

We could all learn a lot from this look, especially the Fashionistos out there. He teaches us how to be daring with color as he wears an eye-catching purple accessory. Colors such as purple can be difficult for men to wear, but he mastered it. The scarf features a pattern with bicycles, which only complements his vintage style. Working off that, the chain running from his vest to his pocket hints at a pocket watch. And he keeps up the vintage trendall the way down to his leather oxford shoes. This Fashionisto reinstates how important accessories are to an outfit.

Spotted: The fall 2013 runway show of E. Tautz demonstrates how accessories can determine the decade and the look. He inspires his show with vintage style by adding hats and small accessories to determine the look he wants.


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