On winter days, when the snow has turned into rain, we sometimes long for the added sparkle that the season once brought. This Fashionista incorporated some unexpected glitz, ultimately adding femininity to her ensemble. Although the clothing pallette is mostly neutral, her added accessories make this outfit anything but boring.

She wears a J.Crew bauble necklace, a pair of classic black leggings, a white button-up shirt, a pair of INC leather riding boots and a blazer–complete with elbow patches–from Francesca’s. Her gold bauble necklace, peeking out from underneath her fresh white collared button-up, adds the perfect amount of sparkle and surprise. I adore the contrasting pieces in this outfit: a masculine plaid blazer with a sweet piece of jewelry.

When you try out this trend yourself, rock some clear-colored jewels or contrasting jewels. Necklaces make fun and inexpensive accessories when you want to mix up your wardrobe–embellish that boring old shirt. If a larger necklace is too daring for you, instead, simply begin with a sparkly bold bracelet.

Some Fashionistas say that the shoes don’t have to match the bag, but what about shoes having to match your jewelry? I say why not! The gold accents on this Fashionista’s pair of riding boots help tie in her necklace, completing a head-to-toe look.

Accessories can add the exclamation point to any outfit. Don’t be afraid of a little glamour–whether in the classroom or out on the town. Let your added sparkle help cheer anyone up, even on gloomy days.

Spotted: Many of the models from the Kate Spade spring 2013 ready-to-wear show are glistening in unique sparkling necklaces. These necklaces the perfect amount of punch to their outfits.


Unlike the OC where it never rains (bonus points if you got my reference in the title), students at the University of Alabama have yet to see the sun since returning from Christmas break. When it’s freezing and raining outside it can be hard to muster up any effort to get out from under the covers, much less put together an outfit that is cute and functional for braving inclement weather. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. The easiest way to elevate a cozy outfit is, you guessed it, accessories.

If you’re not one for jewelry, then take advantage of the cooler months by making statements with pieces that keep you warm and fashionable, like a scarf or a hat. This Fashionista did just that. Her scarf, from Urban Outfitters, is keeping her warm and the light floral pattern brightens her face on this drab day. Scarves are a great way to infuse bright color or pattern to an outfit in the winter when people tend to dress in darker colors.

This Fashionista is also showing her individuality through her footwear. Opting out of rain boots, she is wearing the Steve Madden Troopa boot in brown leather. These boots keep her feet warm and dry, but most importantly round out her outfit. So if you feel like you’re in a tennis shoe or rain boot slump give combat boots a try! They’re versatile throughout all the seasons and, if you find some in a nice quality, will last you forever.

She paired these accessories with an army green sweater and skinny jeans from Forever 21.

Spotted: Chanel featured high-fashion combat boots in their grunge inspired fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection.


Who knew the winter blues would be so stylish! Although the holidays are over and we’re dying for the weather to break, there are a few more months left of lady winter. This time gives you a prime opportunity to update your wardrobe with those cold weather essentials that are more than likely on sale. My favorite winter accessory is the scarf. Why? Scarves are versatile, stylish, and can essentially be worn with anything. Chunky knit and textured infinity scarves have especially been popular this season. My second favorite winter accessory is a pair of oversized, thick framed glasses. Of course, these are not limited to just the winter months. However, they’re helpful in blocking your eyes from cool air on cold, windy days. Prescription or personality, glasses are a must to finish the season. Lastly, my third favorite accessory to end the season is a comfy pair of oxfords. This style of shoe has been around forever and resurfaces in more seasons than we can count. They’re flat but can be worn during a harsh winter and into the warmer months; definitely a good investment.

This Fashionisto pairs a royal blue peacoat with cropped sky-blue pants. Together, the different variations of blue contrast and add a special effect to the outfit. On top, the Fashionisto keeps warm in a tribal print scarf. He’s wearing thick tortoise framed glasses, which add to his sophisticated yet stylish look. On bottom, this Fashionisto wears charcoal gray oxfords to complete the outfit.

Incorporating this semi-prep style into your wardrobe is simple. The peacoat plays a major role in accomplishing this look. Double breasted peacoats are sleek and come in an array of different styles and colors. Neutral colors are best if you want to contrast by pairing them with a similar colored bottom. Colored, cropped pants are a wardrobe must because they can be dressed up or down to create different looks. Scarves, glasses and oxfords are all great winter essentials and some of my personal favorites. Whatever your combination may be, mix it up, have fun and let your style reflect you!

Spotted: Funky oxfords were spotted on the runway in Andrea Pompilio’s fall 2013 menswear collection.


Yesterday, I texted my mother, “I have never been so cold in my life.” I wish I were kidding. Syracuse was hit with a cold spell this week, and no amount of layers or number of scarves seemed capable of fighting the chill, which manifested itself in single-digit temperatures and blistering wind gusts.

This Fashionista seems to have accepted the state of the weather by opting to battle the elements in style, with chunky knits that dodged the Michelin Man-esque look so many students adopted this week. She paired leggings with a fabulous oversized cobalt sweater, injecting an infusion of bold color into a mostly-neutral outfit. It also doesn’t hurt that cobalt is one of spring 2013’s biggest colors, with appearances on the runways of Chanel, Roksanda Ilincic and Tadashi Shoji. This Fashionista topped these pieces with a gray tweed overcoat, knee-high gray argyle socks and a necessary pair of standard snow boots. But the true stars of this look, in my opinion, are this Fashionista’s knitted accoutrements: a charming beanie that matches the deep, textured gray of her coat and a thick, oversized oatmeal-colored scarf that I longed to rip from her neck and wrap around my own.

This Fashionista’s look is extremely easy to achieve, especially for those mornings when it’s just too cold to think about dressing presentably. Keep this outfit as a backup for that scenario. Start with these fantastic fleece-lined tights from Urban Outfitters—they’ve been a god-send over the past few frigid days—and employ this Winter Kate sweater for the pop of color. Add this Boyfriend Coat from Topshop, then incorporate the most important pieces: the Coal Thrift Knit Beanie from Urban Outfitters and the ASOS Extra Long Funnel Knit Snood. These pieces are guaranteed to keep you warm—in every city except Syracuse, that is. Sorry Syracuseans, but at this point, staying inside is really the best option.


Amidst the cool temperatures of January, warmth remains the most essential accessory at Gonzaga. This Fashionista’s look may be faux, but she’s the real deal, as she’s able to bundle up yet retain sophistication without a PETA protest.

As inviting as curling up on a cold winter day with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa sounds, we must still get ourselves off to class and accessories will help us do that in style. From statement necklaces to bold collars and scarfs, this season all eyes are on the neck. In hopes of keeping warm, accessories must be used to our advantage and a chunky fur scarf is just the ticket. Don’t forget to pair your cozy scarf with gloves! If Santa forgot to leave tech gloves in your stocking, treat yourself to a texting compatible pair in order to avoid missing any important texts, and not to mention, keep your fingers toasty.

Fur is currently trending on the runway of Gonzaga’s campus and campuses nation wide. Whether you’re embarking on a snowy walk to class or hitting the night scene, incorporate fur into your winter wardrobe to dress up any outfit. But don’t kiss your Christmas money goodbye just yet; luckily, any college gal’s budget can afford this trend!

Spotted: At a red carpet event, an outraged PETA protester recently flour-bombed celeb Kim Kardashian, but her fearless fur ensembles are straight from top designers such as Versace, Gucci and Prada.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Colour My Life With The Chaos of Trouble

I think it is fair to say that most college students have some sort of basic black coat as a returning player in the perennial game of dress-up. The real challenge is keeping it fresh on wintry days when the best companion seems like a Snuggie. There is at least one girl who’s got it right though, and that’s UC Davis Fashionista (drumroll please…): Terri Luu! I zoomed in on her wearing mint, peg leg pants a few blocks ahead of me on my walk home and awkwardly did what any street fashion blogger would—I chased her. Despite my cumbersome eighteen pound backpack impeding any and all momentum, I gained enough speed to stop this Fashionista in her stylish tracks and asked her permission to be photographed. Even though I completely caught her off-guard, wide-eyed with noticeable bag envy, she politely obliged.

It wasn’t until after I previewed this shot of Terri that I realized how the typically-muted tones of mustard, grape and mint (present in her kicks, bag, and pants, respectively) translated as rich and vibrant. Classically contrasted with a two-toned sweater and boxy wool coat, the daring colors in her accessories captured, and held, my attention.

I must confess: I love all things mustard colored. Admittedly, I also like the smell of tire shops and diesel fuel (weird correlations to the scent of my submariner Father, a positive thing no less), so perhaps I have especially eclectic sensory perception. Let it be known that I swooned over this Fashionista’s sneakers privately, so as to not freak her out even more. I’ve actually been coveting a similar pair by Isabel Marant, a designer one of my favorite bloggers, Rumi, has been sporting for seasons on end.

Terri’s look is timeless and any Fashionista could draw inspiration from her classic, utilitarian accessories. Terri’s structured satchel was “very, very expensive”, but the piece is a proper investment; the roomy design is season-independent and remarkably constructed. A similar style to Terri’s bag can be seen here, but if you’re looking for something really on trend, I suggest this color-blocked gem from 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Spotted: All told, Terri’s outfit is incredibly utilitarian and versatile. Phillip Lim says that “Everyone wants garments to be superheroes,” and if that’s true, Terri’s sure do save the day. Check out the supremely well-tailored and subtle chicness in 3.1 Phillip Lim’s pre-fall 2013 Collection.


Winter has been incredibly fickle this year in Boston, which makes getting dressed in the morning a bit more of a challenge. The variability requires constantly checking the temperature outside. Is it dress and tights weather? Will my feet go numb if I wear flats? How many layers should I put on? The questions could really go on, but the bottom line is that you have to get dressed and leave with some kind of shoes on your feet. If the weather has been up and down on your campus, then maybe your boots don’t always need to be thigh high to keep your legs warm.

Ankle or mid-calf boots are a great way to break up the regular winter wardrobe formula. What that might consist of is a big jacket, jeans, tall boots and a chunky sweater. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as it often makes for a cute outfit. Mixing it up now and then can be refreshing though.

Today’s Fashionista has pulled out an adorable pair of studded brown mid-calf boots that are perfect for Boston’s coldish weather. She is wearing them with a pair of classic skinny jeans, a lightly embellished navy top and a white cardigan. Pairing this type of boot with tight skinny jeans is a great idea because it doesn’t create any extra bulk or unflattering shape on your legs. During the winter, this kind of boot would also be cute with a maxi skirt and cropped jacket.

If you are growing tired of wearing the same knee-high boots to class or work everyday, find a shorter pair to switch up your routine. This light brown pair from Massimo Dutti would transition well from winter to spring. For another simple pair that would look great with everything, take a look at this black pair from Madewell. If you like studs like this Fashionista though, this embellished pair might be perfect for you.

Spotted: The models sported ankle boots with a variety of different ensembles in Jil Sander’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection.


Let’s flash back to 2001 when I was in the fifth grade. I remember my mother brought home this jean jacket with a–what she thought–matching jean skirt. I pulled the pieces out of the shopping bag and thought to myself, “Does my mother notice that the jean of the skirt and the jean of the jacket are not the same?” Although I didn’t like it, to appease my mother, I wore that outfit to school the next day.

Here in 2013, this Fashionista successfully puts together an outfit that combines two different washes of jean. Her ensemble meshes together all the colors from her sweater, her neutral footwear and two-tone jean dress and vest very well.

This outfit is warm for the winter months without even incorporating a jacket! This Fashionista’s style speaks of comfort and coziness, while adding a sense of edginess and an element of contrast with the two-toned jean dress and vest. Anyone can accent their outfit choices with a little bit of jean. If you’re looking to create a look like this Fashionista’s, vests are your go-to item. Maybe pair a chambray shirt with a printed legging or pant, if this is more of a look you prefer.

Jean jackets, vests and shirts are such easy items to wear. They are great for Fashionistas who want to contrast a bright, bold statement piece in their outfit, or for those who just want to stay warm in this cold weather and look great while doing it.

Spotted: Jean pieces were spotted on the models in Donna Karen’s DKNY spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Usamimi Headband

Getting ready for school with so little time is quite a challenge. In those days that jeans and t-shirts are the only thing we can pull off, play with acessories, specially in our hair could be a very interesting way to bring some originality.  Fashionistas with long hair can make it work with a quick top knot, but for those Fashionistas with short hair, it can be a little more difficult.

Short hair has its perks, as shown by Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway; it’s edgy and feminine at the same time. But for those Fashionistas who can’t have a glam squad with them 24/7, how can short hair become just as appealing as those top-knot beauties? Definitely go straight for hair accessories as the Fashionista for this week did.

This lovely headband is also called usamimi ( mimi means ears and usa is the contracted form for usagi which means bunny. It’s named this because the silhouette looks like little bunny ears) in Japan and it was a big trend a few years ago, but it’s still a statement accessory appearing time to time in Japanese fashion magazines and around the world.

The fabric of the headband is covered by wire that’s flexible to mold into different looks. Wear it like this Fashionista with the ends pointed up, or with the tips down under the piece of fabric for a pin-up vibe. Play with colors and patterns to create a beautiful contrast and give your outfit and hair the best boost.

Spotted Handmade usamimis can be found very easily at Etsy . But even more easy to make. If you have a craft side don’t hesitate to go for a DIY and make a unique piece for you.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Bowling For (Pea) Soup

It’s hard to count how many trendy things this Fashionista managed to squeeze into one outfit. There’s a difficulty deciding what to focus on: her piled-on yet effortlessly balanced jewelry, her whimsical bowler hat and knee-high socks or her hooded olive-green anorak jacket.

She pairs together brown and black, matches two different shades of green and balances the stern militaristic style of the jacket with the femininity of her white lace tunic. This Fashionista breaks nearly all of the classic style rules but doesn’t seem to care. And neither does the fashion world; a major trend is evoking this playful carelessness by combining items in a way that ordinarily would seem unbalanced and awry.

Breaking all of what the fashion world has formally regarded as the laws of style is, as of late, in style. Unusual and now-trendy pairings include patterns on patterns, masculine items with feminine, leather with lace and leopard print as a neutral.

Evoke this capricious look by piling on items that you wouldn’t ordinarily wear together. Throw on polka-dots with stripes, pull on gold jewelry when you’re already wearing silver and grab that black bag even though you coaxed on some brown boots earlier!

If you’re enamored with this Fashionista’s way of pulling together a look, pick up her bowler hat. Comparable lace tights are available here and similar over-the-knee socks here.

Spotted: Olive green in Nicole Miller’s 2011 resort collection and in Oscar de la Renta’s fall 2010 collection, bowler hats in rag & bone’s fall/winter 2011 collections (in both menswear and for women).