LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Check Out This Pattern Trend Combo

As we all return to school, some of us will be beginning new campus jobs or part-time internships. Unless you are one of the fortunate ones who managed to schedule a day off during the week, you may encounter a challenges on the mornings of your work or internship days in choosing an outfit that seamlessly transitions from the classroom to the office and finally to the dining hall. Not to mention, a look that also balances style and sophistication. Tackle that challenge with this Fashionisto’s classic look, which is right on trend.

This Fashionisto takes the fall/winter trend of checks and point blanket inspiration from the runway to the pathway by pairing a light blue, gingham button-down with a tri-color striped tie. He simultaneously emphasizes and balances this mix of patterns by wearing a solid navy blue V-neck pullover that affectively draws the eye to the blue in his tie, and thus the pattern combo as it frames the lines of his shirt collar. He paired these pieces with khakis and light-brown oxfords that are a couple shades darker than the wash of his khakis. This creates an appearance of added height. Also, note how this Fashionisto’s dark-wash khakis are similar in tone to his sweater, which creates visual fluidity to his look. Take this base and make it your own. This Fashionisto shows some personal flare by accessorizing with his black square-framed glasses, silver watch and yellow SledgeStrong bracelet. This bracelet is in support of raising awareness about mental illnesses among juveniles and is just one way to express your style vibe! He earns extra style points for the fact that the cool silver of his watch complements the blues in his outfit, and that his bracelet draws on the yellow in his tie.

Aside from the comfort and subtle, but apparent incorporation of this season’s trends, the most appealing aspect of his outfit to a Fashionisto is that you probably already have each piece in your closet. Note the wardrobe staples — a gingham shirt, diagonally striped tie, v-neck sweater, khakis and oxford lace-ups.

Hint: To pull off the subtlety of this pattern combo, pick a tie and shirt that are different shades of the same color (e.g, light blue and navy blue, as shown). Also, select your shirt and tie based upon the visual similarity of their patterns. Because this Fashionisto’s shirt and tie are both of a linear pattern, the diagonal stripes create a contrast to the vertical and horizontal stripes of his checkered shirt. The curvature of a paisley tie on the other hand would be visually distracting if paired with a checkered shirt.  Those are the key tricks to subtly rocking pattern combos and two of the winter season’s runway trends. It also helps to pick one color as a base color for your outfit. Not a fan of blue? Try a grass green or hunter green combo or a gray/black combo. Lastly, choose khakis in a darker wash to keep it youthful. Show me your adaptation of this look. I’d love to see a Fashionisto rock this look with a medium wash denim and navy-blue Timberlands. Have another idea? Tweet me a pic #CFViralStyle and it could be retweeted by me for my fellow CollegeFashionista followers to see!


When it comes to the winter, everyone has his or her favorite, comfortable go-to flannel. Whether it’s women’s or men’s fashions, a good flannel is a closet necessity. And what a better way to stand out on a dull snowy day then in a bright red flannel buttoned all the way up like this Fashionisto is wearing.  Paired with the neutral browns of his leather shoes and jacket, this fire red flannel makes the outfit much more eye-catching. It is always a nice change to see bright colors on an overcast winter day.

I also like how our Fashionisto buttons the collar all the way up. We have been seeing this trend a lot lately — I have even tried it out a few times myself. Stores such as J.Crew or Urban Outfitters have great men’s sections that offer a variety of colored and patterned collared shirts and flannels. Big time men such as David Beckham and Kanye West are also rocking it. This style is organized and is perfect for everything from walks to class to going out at night with the guys.  Not only do these types of tops work for the night out, the leather oxford shoes are perfect too. Girls like to see some variety away from Timberlands or Sperry Top-Siders, so leather shoes are a great way to be classy and stylish.

What I love about this Fashionisto is his sunglasses. Everyone has their favorite pair whether it be classic aviators or a more wild pair like these purple mirrored frames. We all know sometimes we don’t love going to class, but the walk there is a good excuse to put on your shades.

So when you’re deciding what to wear, give the buttoned up look a try. And don’t forget that changing up classic pieces makes for a great outfit.

Hint: Instead of buying a new collared shirt or flannel, just switch up the look by taking your previously owned collared shirts and buttoning them all the way up! Even if it’s not flannel material, plaid works too!


With just a couple weeks into our winter cold front, South Texans have finally been able to switch out the year-round staples for warm, winter appropriate garments. During this time of year, every Fashionisto and Fashionista should take these chilly fluctuating temperatures into consideration and layer wisely.

Kicking the year off the right way is this Fashionisto dressed modern and stylish. Comprised of a toned down, simple color scheme, this student opted for a few different shades of blue and brown. The layered blazer over a button-up shirt combined with a simple pair of dark denim (a shade that should be in every man’s closet), watch and boots looks sharp without forfeiting comfort. The choice of pattern within the tie was an excellent way to add interest and keep his outfit cohesive, along with the addition of the pin, a perfect pinch that showcased his personality. Keeping a classic aesthetic, this student had no problem looking professional, grown up and well put together while still being able to stay true to his style.

Hint: Cold weather provides many opportunities for different layering options! Substitute a blazer in place of your usual go-to winter jacket to polish up a pair of jeans and shirt. Blazers come in plenty of different colors, fabrics and patterns, so choose to your liking! Sticking with neutral colors such as black and brown is a no-brainer, but if you’re not afraid to make a statement, this blazer from Topman will definitely do the trick!

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Infinity Scarves For Eternity

Like I mentioned in my first post, infinity scarves are my latest obsession, so it’s only perfect that I found this Hoosier Fashionisto rocking his own infinity scarf that he got from his hometown in Taiwan. In the past, lots of men viewed scarves as protection from the elements and not necessarily as an accessory, but now, with the ease of an infinity scarf, it’s mixing more and more into men’s everyday style.

Infinity scarves, which are also known as eternity scarves, loops scarves or circle scarves, are continuous loops of fabric that have no end. These loops come in different lengths, allowing you to wrap it around your neck as many times as you please. You can also pull it up over your head to cover your ears if it’s cold. It’s actually even easier than a regular scarf because you don’t need to worry about it coming untied. It’s as simple as throwing it over your head, twisting it and putting it over your head once more. So how does a guy pull off an infinity scarf? For a warmer, cozier look and more protection from the weather, try a chunky knit style like the one this Fashionisto is rocking. Here he pairs his monochromatic gray scarf with colored chinos, but if you want to keep it slightly more casual, you can also pair it with a plaid button-down and jeans. If you’re looking for a lighter weight piece, try a thinner, cotton scarf with a crewneck sweater and skinnies for a dressier look.

Pair infinity scarves with some of your lighter weight fall and spring clothing to bring more versatility into your wardrobe. Layering is always chic, especially when traveling across campus from class to class. Infinity scarves provide that extra warmth and style combo that you can continue wearing during class even after you take your coat off.

Hint: Choosing colored or patterned scarves for your look can make a neutral outfit complete with that little extra detail, but be wary of overwhelming yourself in too many patterns and colors.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Staying Warm with Flying Colors

It can be hard to distinguish a dedicated Fashionisto from an average joe when cold weather hits. In winter, college students tend to bundle up in near-identical outerwear. Who’s to say whether beneath a basic black pea coat lies a funky vintage cardigan or a ratty old Hanes?

This Fashionisto uses outer layers to emphasize his personal style rather than conceal it. Opting for multiple lightweight jackets over of a single heavy coat, he constructs an interesting yet effortless-looking ensemble. The layered look allows him to experiment with color and texture but keeps him nearly as warm as a North Face would.

Incorporating all three primaries into his outfit, this Fashionisto makes it clear that he doesn’t shy away from color. Still, he keeps his multicolored look fairly mellow by choosing earthy shades over gaudy ones. His rugged blue suede button-down perfectly complements his retro mustard turtleneck. And his pale red outdoor jacket not only contributes to the vintage vibe, but also streamlines his look.

To offset the boldness of his richly hued top layers, he sports simple dark jeans on bottom. Notably, he favors a slightly relaxed fit over the slim-leg style popular among trend-conscious undergrads. This contributes the old-school feel of the outfit, and in this Style Guru’s humble opinion, seems much more comfortable. He rolls up the legs a bit to reveal a pair of rustic leather booties. Their folky energy adds character to this intricately crafted outfit, but their neutral tone keeps them from outshining the colorful outerwear.

To create a groovy layered look similar to this Fashionisto’s, start with a turtleneck in an unexpected color. Rummage through your closet (or maybe even your dad’s) to find lightweight outerwear to pile on top. If you want to take the trend even further, try adding a third layer between your button-down and jacket, like a sporty vest.

Though perhaps chosen more for function than style, the camera around this Fashionisto’s neck gives his look personality. A vintage Polaroid looks cool with almost any outfit.


It is said that history tends to repeat itself and fashion is no exception. Fashion is perceived to be one big cycle of styles that fade in and out of popularity over the years. This current generation, generation y, seems to be no exception with falling into a major nostalgia phase over the last couple years. Our generation is obsessed with trends from the 1990s and some from the 1980s. It seems that we refuse to let go of the best trends the decades had to offer and have transformed them into modern fashion-forward ideas. From fashion to music to television to everything in between we hate to let go, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The Fashionisto I spotted on campus was no exception with his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ‘90s-influenced style.

This Fashionisto look of the day has clearly been influenced by the 1990s as many Fashionistos’ looks are lately. For the base he start with a classic ‘90s T-shirt, this one features music group Tribe Called Quest, that is layered with a denim button-up shirt that he left unbuttoned. He then pairs it with a pair of tan khaki pants for the bottom. The shoes he wears to complete his look are a pair of black Nike Air Jordan 5s, which originally were designed and very popular in the 1990s. This Fashionisto takes these retro items and styles them into a modern look. To complete his look, this Fashionisto accessorizes with a simple gold link bracelet and a big face watch with a black strap. This Fashionisto brings retro into the now, making it relevant.

Hint: Take the best from the past and incorporate it into a current look. Some Fashionistos may feel that being inspired from the past may cause them to look outdated and old, but when done correctly one can look fresh and exciting. Try taking a style popular in the ’90s such as Dr. Martens and wear them It with a modern cut jacket. This allows you to show your skill and knowledge of fashion. So take a risk with your retro looks and keep it fresh!


Some people fear the prominent act of wearing gray on top of gray. However, there really is a way to make it work!

In my opinion, Matthew Lopes, an acting major at Montclair State University, wore the feared match perfectly. First, he wore gray only on the top. The key is to mix prints, which is another common fear of the modern Fashionisto. Mixing prints and patterns is a great way to enhance your appearance and create movement throughout the silhouette. Here we see that Matt included a gray and white horizontal-striped cardigan with an abstract graphic T-shirt. The stripes move your eye towards the design, which almost distracts the viewer from noticing the gray on gray combination.

When I asked him why he chose to pair the upper ensemble with lightly washed blue jeans, he said that he “didn’t want to look like a cloud.” Smart choice, Matt! The wash of the jeans give the outfit life and personality, also creating a bright atmosphere. When pairing gray with gray, it is very easy to, as Matt said, look like a cloud. However, he was smart in his decision to wear light denim. Lastly, accessorizing his outfit with a plain white snapback and white Nike Air Jordans was a perfect choice. His choice of white accessories matched his cardigan perfectly and tied the outfit together.

Hint: When having busy patterns and designs in one place, you do not want to create an overly excessive outfit. In every ensemble, there should be one or two pops of color, pattern or design. The rest of the outfit should be simple and not overwhelming. So listen up Fashionistos; do not fear the option of layers of gray! Follow these tips and you will never run into any style issues.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Gunning For Grunge

When I think grunge, I think grimy, dirty and any other adjective you can put with such an unappealing word, but with the spring season’s fashion trend arrival I think it is safe to say that “grunge has grown up,” in the words of Wall Street journalist Ray A. Smith, and I am so excited for this trend revival. The focal point of any grunge look, in my opinion, would have to be the what is on top, how a Fashionisto chooses to accessorize an already down-played look and I believe this week’s Fashionisto has found the right balance of casual and grunge, without killing the aesthetic of the outfit (literally).

While the grunge trend was huge in the ’90s, it has definitely done a complete 360 and made it back onto the fashion scene! With the rise of DIY fashions and more and more Fashionistas/os finding their unique pieces in thrift stores it is only right that designers such as Dries Van Noten incorporate the grunge look into their pieces, and I must say this was a wise choice. The grunge trend is so unisex and versatile that any Fashionista can take a pearl necklace and dress it up, while a Fashionisto can add a plaid shirt tied around his waist to not only add pattern and color to his look, but to be prepared for a chilly night. A very convenient trend in my eyes!

This week’s Fashionisto has embodied the grunge look and is coming for the runways of campus, ready to shoot down any naysayers with his look. The focal point of this outfit is the custom tie-dyed 08’ Bathing Ape T-shirt that fits loosely, yet compliments his waist. With a pair of skinny black wash Nudie jeans and the Air Jordan Playoff 8s, this Fashionisto completes the outfit with a Burnt Orange jacket from Lands End that adds color and warmth for the still cool weather of the spring! The outfit just brings about a relaxing vibe, yet posses so much character in as few articles of clothing as possible.

To get your grunge on take some tips from this Fashionisto, why not take an old T-shirt and tie-dye it or for my grungy Fashionistas, why not fringe a T-shirt? Choose neutral bottoms such as browns, khakis, blacks to keep it cool and casual and of course your favorite pair of sneakers! And remember, when you want to take that fashion plunge, just gun for grunge.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Winter Trifecta

There may only be a light dusting of snow on the ground, but it does not mean we aren’t cold here on campus. It’s hard to spot a stylish student out and about when most are cozied up in their go-to hoodies and fleeces, but luckily I found this Fashionisto who was both warm and nicely dressed. Much to my delight, he swaps out the typical Hawkeye sweatshirt for a gray quarter zip that can be found at several locations such as J.Crew and Ralph Lauren. The black peacoat then adds extra warmth. The peacoat has become a more and more popular choice for men throughout the past winter seasons. It is a wonderful piece that can be dressed down for a quick errand or dressed up for a night out. I’d suggesting browsing the peacoats Banana Republic has to offer.

My favorite part about this outfit is the patterned scarf, an accessory that every man should own not only this season, but the coming winters as well. Furthermore, a pop of color is always accentuated by neutrals and adds interest to any look. Clearly this Fashionisto hit the winter trifecta with his coat, sweater, and scarf. Take cues from him, and you can look great and bundle up at the same time. Bring on the snow!

Hint: If the peacoat is a bit too tailored for your style, you can also substitute a similar toggle jacket for this trendy, winter look.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: A Classic Richmonder

Typically, when strolling the streets of my hometown, I become aware of trends the women around me are sporting. Since becoming a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, my eyes have been on the prowl for a different look—men’s fashion. When browsing the shops at Stony Point Fashion Park,  I started to find a common theme amongst the men of Richmond, Virginia. Their looks all contain the ever-so-classic southern gentlemen outfit made up of a pair of khakis, a colorful polo shirt, and warm, dark jacket. It seems to me that this Fashionisto hits all of these trends in one.

This Fashionisto decided on a striped blue polo, a color commonly found in every man’s closet. Whether you are hitting the mall, dining at a casual lunch or going to class, a simple polo shirt can never let you down. Available in nearly every color possible, a polo can be found for any occasion. If you are a subtle man wanting a little adventure, go for a lively print or vibrant color to add some fun into your wardrobe. Along with his striped polo, this Fashionisto wears a pair of brown khaki pants. A good pair of pants like this is an essential piece in every man’s closest. If you happen to be a prepster, hipster or anything in between, a neutral colored pant can go a long way in your wardrobe.

To accessorize his look, he chose a pair of light brown Wallabees to walk around Richmond in. Along with his shoe choice, he wears a timeless pair of Ray-Bans to make his look complete. This Fashionisto is an expert at dressing for a classic, simple gentleman’s outfit!

Hint: To stand out from the rest, I would choose to wear a fun, unusual color or printed polo while still keeping the classic style of shirt. If you are not interested in Wallabees, go for a pair of Sperry Top-Siders to keep the casual look. Also, add a neutral colored jacket to keep warm during the cold weather.